Nickan Ebrahimi professionally known as Nickan, is an Iranian composer and arranger.He started playing the piano at the age of six and spent his adolescence learning academic orchestral composing. He started his career in 1999, and his first composition named “Faal” (فال, lit. “Divination”) with the vocals of Amir Rasaei was released in 1999 by MZM Company.

Nickan started his professional musical career in 1999. Nickan has composed and arranged hundreds of music pieces. He has collaborated with high profile Iranian singers such as Dariush Eghbali, Googoosh, Aref Arefkia, Hassan Shamaizadeh, Mani Rahnama, Omid Soltani, Helen, Betty, and many others.

Singer Comments about me:
  • Googoosh


    I have collaborated with young and talented artists, one of which was dear Nickan in my last album called "Akse Khosoosi”. He has composed and arranged my works of “Love, Akse Khosoosi and Dadashi” as well as Toraj Shaebankhani lalaee song that he just arranged it. Far beyond his musical art, which was pleasing to me, I found him a polite person, music lover, full of seals and pure. I hope to keep my cooperation with him.

  • Hassan Shamaizadeh


    Dear Nickan is an educational and tasteful musician. I hope both our homeland’s music and musicians follow the footsteps of musical principles and protect them forever, as like as Nickan. And if not, there will be different understanding between the word “Mary that is written and Mary which is painted”.

  • Aref Arefkia


    Aref Arefkia, in his first post in the Instagram, said about Nickan’ I’m so pleased with sharing Nickan’s photo, the educational musician who I believe in his musical taste and art of songs’ arrangement, on my fan page. I’m honored that cooperated with him in masterpiece of the “Toofan” and other works that he has made for my friends as an professional arranger. Hoping for our next cooperation.’

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